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Yoga and Nerves

The greatest Yoga teachings are spoken by those individuals who have realised the unconditional state. Because their ego is largely merged into That which forms the basis of their being, their words are to some extent, spoken by Life itself. This is possibly where the idea of Jesus and God being one arose, or why Jesus is reported as having said, “The Father and I are one.” What I wish to stress however, is that to some extent, such people are speaking things that arise beyond their own conscious personality. The biographies at the end of this book will tend to explain the feasibility of this a little further.

According to such teachings, the whole universe consists of two basic things, Prana and Akasha. These in turn arise from what remains, ever causeless, unknown, unconditional, formless and invisible.

The story is told of a student asking how he might obtain the knowledge and power of all things. The reply was that all things can be traced back to common sources. Understand the sources, and one can control the general. Reverting to the analogy of electricity again, through understanding the basic laws pertaining to electricity, we can produce light, heat, power, sound, vision etc. Such knowledge of the general allows us to produce many particular results. But the Yoga teachings state that there are general principles underlying all creation. To some extent we can see this with very little effort in the laws of polarity. That is, negative and positive. We see it in the working of magnets, electricity, the opposite sexes, cell structure, energy and inertia, light and darkness, atomic structure, cosmic bodies such as sun and earth, and so on. Here is a general principle that underlies all creation. If we really mastered the laws of polarity, we would have mastery over all the particulars or results of creation.

Prana and Akasha are, in fact, the basic polarities underlying all others. Akasha is the primal matter, or material of the universe, and Prana is the primal energy. When this primal energy, or Prana, acts upon the basic material, all known forms arise. A human being is an excellent example of the interplay of Prana and Akasha.

In some pictorial or symbolic philosophies or religions, these opposites are often expressed as the Divine Father and the Divine Mother. H. Spencer Lewis, in writing about these prime forces of the universe, said, “The negative is passive, static, receptive, and nurturing in contra-distinction to the positive, which is active, creative and dynamic. The negative registers a hunger for the positive, while the positive registers an urge, an impulse toward union with the negative, in order that it may, with the cooperation of the negative, cause a manifestation or creation. Neither can, of itself, produce any result, for one compliments the other, supplies what the other lacks.” (From “Rosicrucian Manual” AMORC.)

Looking around, we can see the truth of this in a thousand ways. Earth or matter is negative or receptive to light. Together they manifest colour. Electricity has a negative and positive polarity which only in unity produces a result. Movement, acting upon inert matter, also produces sound.

Taking light again into consideration we see that a luminous body projects light across the universe, as does the sun. While a receptive body such as earth receives it and manifests life thereby. Electricity, in its positive polarity, will leap across the sky as in lightning. While the negative conductor attracts and channels its expression. Even the shape of our sexual organs manifest perfectly the underlying law of polarity. The male organs project and give of themselves, while the female is negative, receptive, offering a fertile nurturing state which directs the expression of the positive.

The Yoga philosophy points out that this cannot help but be as it is, because all things arise from Prana and Akasha. All things are built in “their image.” For Prana and Akasha, intermingling and acting upon each other at a multitude of levels and variances, bring forth all form and experience.

We must also realise that latent in Prana is the ability to build form out of matter; to manifest sensation, feelings, emotion, intelligence and mind (in other words, Satchitananda). But just as light, heat and power cannot be realised while the two polarities of electricity are separate— so none of these can be manifest while Prana and Akasha are not married. This is why Yoga sometimes calls creation the “play of Brahm,” for life realises itself in its multifarious creatures.

June 1, 2009 - Posted by | Meditation

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