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Tips Of The Married Life

· When you’re at an event with your man, shoot him a come-hither look across the room. Attempt to pick him up with only your eyes.
· Wake your guy this morning with soft kisses all over his body. What a wonderful way to wake up.
· Let him take the lead tonight. Allow him to choose your outfit, the restaurant, or the movie. Surrendering the decision-making gets you in the mood.
· In particularly stressful moments, whisper something to your man. The soft tone and warm breath on his ear will calm him down immediately.
· Go on a movie date and make sure to graze his lap as you reach for the popcorn. Give him your eye that lets him know that you know exactly what you are doing.
· When you wake up in the morning, tell him you had the most amazingly erotic dream about him. Give him full details even if you are making them up as you go.
· When you are getting ready in the morning, give him a full on flash. Hold your robe open for a few seconds and tell him to remember the image of you nude all…day…long.
· When you travel together buy postcards. Once you return, send one to your man to remind him of all the fun you had while you were traveling together.
· Find your inner dominatrix. Start by pulling his hair a little while you are in the throes of passion.
· Take turns kissing each other’s belly buttons. It tickles and feels so good.
· When you are kissing your man, take your time. Pause and look into his eyes softly, then continue. Your glance will tell him how you are feeling about him.
· Make putting on the condom part of sexy foreplay. Unroll it on him. You can use your lips to do so.
· Buy a book of Mad Libs and require only risqué answers. Read them back to each other and giggle at the story you create.
· Give your man a full body massage without using your hands.
· Fill water pistols with fruit juice or wine and squirt each other without mercy. Lick each other clean and then wash off the rest of the sticky in the shower…together.
· Do some partner stretches in the living room or in the bedroom. It is a great way to really get to know your partner’s body. You will surprise each other with your flexibility and can incorporate that into your sex life.
· Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure you tell your partner all of the reasons you are thankful for him!
· Decorate your bedroom with bundles of fall flowers. Your room will smell and feel fresh, and the colors will create a warm, relaxing glow.
· Hide under the covers when your man comes to bed and surprise him with a pillow attack. Wear a skimpy nightie to ensure plenty of flashing potential.
· Wednesday is Hump Day. Take that literally and engage is some mid-week nookie to get you to the weekend.
· Wake your husband up with a cup of coffee and the paper. Tell him he is to stay in bed for as long as his heart desires. He’ll probably pull you back in to be with him.
· After midnight, bundle up and head outside. Have sex under the moonlight. The cool night air will feel great but your warm breath and bodies will keep you toasty.
· Cool off at the ice-skating rink. Grab your jacket and a good pair of socks and warm each other up on the ice. Don’t forget to couple skate!
· When you dress for a date, lay out your clothes, down to your sexy lingerie. Make sure he sees the spread before you get dressed.
· Go on a body treasure hunt. Do you know where all of his freckles are? Make the curves and marks of his body your business.
· When you greet your man with a kiss after work tonight, be sure to grab his package. He’ll appreciate your bold gesture.
· Watch Basic Instinct with your man and steal some of Sharon Stone’s moves — not the murderous ones, just the sexy ones, like when she turns Michael Douglas into her sex slave!
· Give him opportunities to “accidentally” graze your breast while you are out in public. Give him a wicked smile to let him know you meant for it to happen.
· Head to a dive bar and flirt with your man, relentlessly. If you can muster the courage, pull him into the restroom for a quickie.
· Buy keychain flashlights and take them to bed with you. Ask him to illuminate his body parts that need your attention. You do the same for him!
· When your husband is repairing things around the house, tell him the sight of him with a hammer, vacuum, mop, whatever it may be makes you really hot.
· Treat yourself to a manicure and then use those gorgeous nails to scratch your guy’s body parts. Pay close attention to his arms and chest.
· Allow him to watch you pleasure yourself with your vibrator. Men are visual creatures. This will be quite a gift for him…and you!
· On your next road trip, go down on him while he’s driving. Make sure you are on an open road. This will catch him off guard and spice up the long drive.
· When you look deeply into your partner’s eyes, you are telling him that he is the most important person in the room. He’ll appreciate that you only care about what he’s saying.
· Masturbate your partner to the point of climax and then slow down for a few seconds for a fantastic orgasm.
· Buy and men’s undershirt tank top have it personalized to say something special to your man.Maybe- “I’m yours!” or “Just for you!” or just his name.
· Reenact how you met your mate. Go back to the spot and relive the moments you met. You’ll have so much fun thinking about those first moments. You will take yourselves back to the reasons you got together and fell in love.
· Happy Halloween. Keep the costumes on while you do the deed! Haven’t you always wanted to get busy with Spider-Man?
· Buy a couple of pumpkins and take them home and have a carving contest. Save the seeds for roasting!
· Going away with your honey? Check out this travel kit from Blissbox!
· Be silly with your man. Head to a wig shop and buy wigs for each other. Of course the next step is to wear them in bed. It will feel like you’re a making love to a new person but you aren’t cheating and you are laughing and having fun.
· Everyone has that one household chore they can’t stand doing. Trade the one thing you hate to do for the one thing he hates to do. Do you hate scrubbing the tub? He can take that on. If he hates taking out the trash then you can take that on. Relieve yourselves from the stress of dreading that chore.
· Quiz each other and giggle for hours with Naughty Crosswords: Nerve.com Presents Fifty Sexy and Outrageous Puzzles.
· Have you planned your Halloween costume yet? Be a naughty nurse, a French maid, or a cowgirl who lassos her man — have your own private rodeo!
· Reprogram your name in his phone. The next time you call, instead of your name, “Hot Babe,” “Horny Girlfriend,” or “Sexy Wife” will show up instead.
· Make your partner your number one supporter by letting him know how he can meet your needs emotionally. Communication is key!
· Some men enjoy anal stimulation. See if he is open to exploring this. Neither of you will regret adding this to your sex life.
· Some men enjoy anal stimulation. Talk with him to see if he’s open to exploring this. Once you decide that he is, use a lot of lubrication and find out what he likes.
· Cover each other with massage oil and feel the incredible sensation of sliding your bodies together.
· Today is Miss American Rose Day. Celebrate by sprinkling rose petals in a trail leading to your bed. Spread handfuls of petals between the sheets too.
· Affirm his actions by reminding him, out of the blue, how special he makes you feel when he does little things for you.
· Nibble your partner during foreplay. A gentle bite brings blood to the surface of the skin and creates a fantastic sensation. But be gentle; don’t break skin.
· Find a bra and panty set in red, a hot (and naughty!) color. Let your man know you’re wearing it under your clothes — he’s sure to peel off the outer layer fast!
· Give him a tush massage. Kneed his bum with your strong hands. Massage his buns in the same way you would fold dough.
· Don’t neglect his arms when you are making out or having sex. Men are proud of their biceps and love to have you stroke and massage their forearms.
· Create the best scenario for lovemaking to end in orgasm for you: Put a pillow under your bum to give you the optimum pelvic tilt.
· Have you done it on all pieces of furniture in your home? If you haven’t, make that a goal to complete in a month.
· Give him a scalp massage using some mint-infused lotion. Then wash it out by giving him a sensual shampoo.
· Greet him with a warm towel and personal rubdown when he gets out of the shower.
· Get dirty while you are doing the laundry. Try out the spin cycle. He sits on the washer and you straddle him. The washing machine is like your very own gigantic vibrator.
· Find a lover’s lane in your home town. Have an old-school date by going there to make out in your car. Be discreet because the police will give you a ticket for indecent exposure if you get caught. Being s

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