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Fish Robot to detect Pollution in the Ocean

fishdlm London – A group of sophisticated robot ready to roam in the ocean to detect pollution. But the author may need the alert so this expensive robot is not catched by fishermen because they look like real fish.

AFP, the fish robot is made by the researchers in the UK and will be operated in Spain.
With length 1.5 meters, the robot provided detectors to identify the sources of marine pollution, such as ships, oil tankers or chemicals in the water. The robots cost around 20,000 Pounds Sterling per unit.

This Robots that can operate independently and is designed to explore the ocean within a few months. Take about 3 years for the researchers at Essex University to do so.
Professor Huosheng Hu as one of inventor states that a robot is expected to prevent the spread of pollution to track the source. If the experiment is successful, the robot will be used in various parts of the world to do the same mission

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Birth Of A Scorpion

Scorpions give birth to its babies through an opening near its featherlike structures underneath its body. The mother might eat its own babies if it is stressed too much during birth. The babies at birth bears an all white colored body and they ride on the back of their mother for the first week or so.

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