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232 Tips Of The Married Life

Maky Your Married Life Happy

  1. When you’re at an event with your man, shoot him a come-hither look across the room. Attempt to pick him up with only your eyes.
  2. Wake your guy this morning with soft kisses all over his body. What a wonderful way to wake up.
  3. Let him take the lead tonight. Allow him to choose your outfit, the restaurant, or the movie. Surrendering the decision-making gets you in the mood.
  4. In particularly stressful moments, whisper something to your man. The soft tone and warm breath on his ear will calm him down immediately.
  5. Go on a movie date and make sure to graze his lap as you reach for the popcorn. Give him your eye that lets him know that you know exactly what you are doing.
  6. When you wake up in the morning, tell him you had the most amazingly erotic dream about him. Give him full details even if you are making them up as you go.
  7. When you are getting ready in the morning, give him a full on flash. Hold your robe open for a few seconds and tell him to remember the image of you nude all…day…long.
  8. When you travel together buy postcards. Once you return, send one to your man to remind him of all the fun you had while you were traveling together.
  9. Find your inner dominatrix. Start by pulling his hair a little while you are in the throes of passion.
  10. Take turns kissing each other’s belly buttons. It tickles and feels so good.
  11. When you are kissing your man, take your time. Pause and look into his eyes softly, then continue. Your glance will tell him how you are feeling about him.
  12. Make putting on the condom part of sexy foreplay. Unroll it on him. You can use your lips to do so.
  13. Buy a book of Mad Libs and require only risqué answers. Read them back to each other and giggle at the story you create.
  14. Give your man a full body massage without using your hands.
  15. Fill water pistols with fruit juice or wine and squirt each other without mercy. Lick each other clean and then wash off the rest of the sticky in the shower…together.
  16. Do some partner stretches in the living room or in the bedroom. It is a great way to really get to know your partner’s body. You will surprise each other with your flexibility and can incorporate that into your sex life.
  17. Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure you tell your partner all of the reasons you are thankful for him!
  18. Decorate your bedroom with bundles of fall flowers. Your room will smell and feel fresh, and the colors will create a warm, relaxing glow.
  19. Hide under the covers when your man comes to bed and surprise him with a pillow attack. Wear a skimpy nightie to ensure plenty of flashing potential.
  20. Wednesday is Hump Day. Take that literally and engage is some mid-week nookie to get you to the weekend.
  21. Wake your husband up with a cup of coffee and the paper. Tell him he is to stay in bed for as long as his heart desires. He’ll probably pull you back in to be with him.
  22. After midnight, bundle up and head outside. Have sex under the moonlight. The cool night air will feel great but your warm breath and bodies will keep you toasty.
  23. Cool off at the ice-skating rink. Grab your jacket and a good pair of socks and warm each other up on the ice. Don’t forget to couple skate!
  24. When you dress for a date, lay out your clothes, down to your sexy lingerie. Make sure he sees the spread before you get dressed.
  25. Go on a body treasure hunt. Do you know where all of his freckles are? Make the curves and marks of his body your business.
  26. When you greet your man with a kiss after work tonight, be sure to grab his package. He’ll appreciate your bold gesture.
  27. Watch Basic Instinct with your man and steal some of Sharon Stone’s moves — not the murderous ones, just the sexy ones, like when she turns Michael Douglas into her sex slave!
  28. Give him opportunities to “accidentally” graze your breast while you are out in public. Give him a wicked smile to let him know you meant for it to happen.
  29. Head to a dive bar and flirt with your man, relentlessly. If you can muster the courage, pull him into the restroom for a quickie.
  30. Buy keychain flashlights and take them to bed with you. Ask him to illuminate his body parts that need your attention. You do the same for him!
  31. When your husband is repairing things around the house, tell him the sight of him with a hammer, vacuum, mop, whatever it may be makes you really hot.
  32. Treat yourself to a manicure and then use those gorgeous nails to scratch your guy’s body parts. Pay close attention to his arms and chest.
  33. Allow him to watch you pleasure yourself with your vibrator. Men are visual creatures. This will be quite a gift for him…and you!
  34. On your next road trip, go down on him while he’s driving. Make sure you are on an open road. This will catch him off guard and spice up the long drive.
  35. When you look deeply into your partner’s eyes, you are telling him that he is the most important person in the room. He’ll appreciate that you only care about what he’s saying.
  36. Masturbate your partner to the point of climax and then slow down for a few seconds for a fantastic orgasm.
  37. Buy and men’s undershirt tank top have it personalized to say something special to your man.Maybe- “I’m yours!” or “Just for you!” or just his name.
  38. Reenact how you met your mate. Go back to the spot and relive the moments you met. You’ll have so much fun thinking about those first moments. You will take yourselves back to the reasons you got together and fell in love.
  39. Happy Halloween. Keep the costumes on while you do the deed! Haven’t you always wanted to get busy with Spider-Man?
  40. Buy a couple of pumpkins and take them home and have a carving contest. Save the seeds for roasting!
  41. Going away with your honey? Check out this travel kit from Blissbox!
  42. Be silly with your man. Head to a wig shop and buy wigs for each other. Of course the next step is to wear them in bed. It will feel like you’re a making love to a new person but you aren’t cheating and you are laughing and having fun.
  43. Everyone has that one household chore they can’t stand doing. Trade the one thing you hate to do for the one thing he hates to do. Do you hate scrubbing the tub? He can take that on. If he hates taking out the trash then you can take that on. Relieve yourselves from the stress of dreading that chore.
  44. Quiz each other and giggle for hours with Naughty Crosswords: Nerve.com Presents Fifty Sexy and Outrageous Puzzles.
  45. Have you planned your Halloween costume yet? Be a naughty nurse, a French maid, or a cowgirl who lassos her man — have your own private rodeo!
  46. Reprogram your name in his phone. The next time you call, instead of your name, “Hot Babe,” “Horny Girlfriend,” or “Sexy Wife” will show up instead.
  47. Make your partner your number one supporter by letting him know how he can meet your needs emotionally. Communication is key!
  48. Some men enjoy anal stimulation. See if he is open to exploring this. Neither of you will regret adding this to your sex life.
  49. Some men enjoy anal stimulation. Talk with him to see if he’s open to exploring this. Once you decide that he is, use a lot of lubrication and find out what he likes.
  50. Cover each other with massage oil and feel the incredible sensation of sliding your bodies together.
  51. Today is Miss American Rose Day. Celebrate by sprinkling rose petals in a trail leading to your bed. Spread handfuls of petals between the sheets too.
  52. Affirm his actions by reminding him, out of the blue, how special he makes you feel when he does little things for you.
  53. Nibble your partner during foreplay. A gentle bite brings blood to the surface of the skin and creates a fantastic sensation. But be gentle; don’t break skin.
  54. Find a bra and panty set in red, a hot (and naughty!) color. Let your man know you’re wearing it under your clothes — he’s sure to peel off the outer layer fast!
  55. Give him a tush massage. Kneed his bum with your strong hands. Massage his buns in the same way you would fold dough.
  56. Don’t neglect his arms when you are making out or having sex. Men are proud of their biceps and love to have you stroke and massage their forearms.
  57. Create the best scenario for lovemaking to end in orgasm for you: Put a pillow under your bum to give you the optimum pelvic tilt.
  58. Have you done it on all pieces of furniture in your home? If you haven’t, make that a goal to complete in a month.
  59. Give him a scalp massage using some mint-infused lotion (go to aveda). Then wash it out by giving him a sensual shampoo.
  60. Greet him with a warm towel and personal rubdown when he gets out of the shower.
  61. Get dirty while you are doing the laundry. Try out the spin cycle. He sits on the washer and you straddle him. The washing machine is like your very own gigantic vibrator.
  62. Find a lover’s lane in your home town. Have an old-school date by going there to make out in your car. Be discreet because the police will give you a ticket for indecent exposure if you get caught. Being sneaky is so much fun
  63. When you are on top, bring him inside of you very shallow. Then do a few kegels to massage the most sensitive part of his penis. You will drive him wild.
  64. Prolong his orgasm by licking or rounding the top of his penis with your fingers.
  65. Take a drive in the country to check out the colors of the changing leaves. Pull off for a country hike or picnic.
  66. How you feel about yourself is directly tied to how you feel about having sex. So, be healthy and be good to you.
  67. Kidnap the remote control and hold it for ransom. Your note should give explicit directions on how he can have it back.
  68. If you really aren’t in the mood for sex, be gentle with how you say so. Offer him a rain check in the form of a cute coupon.
  69. If you find your mind wandering during sex, try to center yourself and your thoughts. If you aren’t in the moment, you are shortchanging yourself and your partner.
  70. Today is Family Heath and Fitness Day USA. Get sweaty with your partner and take the kids with you. There are few things that can match the endorphin rush after a good work out.
  71. Be completely blunt and a bit naughty. Use your sexy walk to approach him and tell him you want to *&^%.
  72. Involve him in your dressing routine. Ask him to zip up your dress. And most importantly, ask him to unzip it as well.
  73. At a party, sit on his lap and discreetly shift your weight to put slight pressure on his private parts.
  74. Go on a movie date. During the previews, place his hand on your thigh to give him a preview of what the night has to bring.
  75. Use your lip liner to mark arrows to all the places on your body that you want him to spend some special time.
  76. When you strip out of your work clothes tonight, “forget” to take off your heels and prance around for your man.
  77. Set your alarm for an hour early. Spend the extra 60 minutes in the 69 position.
  78. You can communicate your feelings without saying a word. A simple bat of the eye can send him the right signals.
  79. Name your man’s manly parts! For instance, name him “Frank” and make sure to invite Frank out to play often.
  80. Mistletoe doesn’t have to be limited to the holidays. Hang some in several doorways in your house. Meet beneath it regularly!
  81. Curious about that sexy trick or toy? See how others rated hot products and techniques at the Sex-Life Road Test.
  82. If you are sleeping in a king size bed, your man is just too far away. Downsize your mattress size and increase your intimacy and lovemaking.
  83. Tackle problems as a team. Whether you need to tame the weeds in the back yard or chip away at credit card debt.
  84. Have your palms read together! Gain insight into your partner’s life and love lines.
  85. Pinch his bottom when you are walking in the mall or shopping at the market. He loves your playful side.
  86. Suck on some ice, then give him a blow job. The cool feeling will make him shiver in all the right ways.
  87. Take 30 minutes to cuddle with your love today. It is a nice way to remember families who lost loved ones on this day.
  88. While doing mundane house chores or shopping, spice things up by flashing him in public. Don’t get caught!
  89. Kissing is a great way to boost your intimacy and your overall love life. Check out William Cane’s The Art of Kissing.
  90. Today is “Bald is Beautiful” day! Celebrate by trying a Brazilian bikini wax.
  91. Send your man a text at work today telling him you aren’t wearing any panties. He’ll fantasize about you all day.
  92. Have a night of solo sex — just for you. Draw a bath, put on some music you love, have a glass of wine, and enjoy yourself.
  93. Wear thigh high stockings with your lingerie tonight. Make sure he watches you put them on. Very sexy.
  94. Throw one new move into your next session. Caress his inner thigh for a few minutes instead of going right to the jewels.
  95. Happy Labor Day! Breakfast is served in bed today. Dine between the sheets and off of each other.
  96. Say your partner’s name while you are having sex. Hearing you moan his name will totally turn him on.
  97. The next time you are in an elevator with your man and the two of you are alone, take advantage of the solitude.
  98. Do you know the special thing to do when your partner needs a boost? Find out and make sure he gets what he needs.
  99. Have sex with your clothes on. How? Oh, you can figure that out. Have fun.
  100. Keep your eyes open when you make love tonight. You will feel the surge of pleasure and intimacy.
  101. Let him be the boss of you. He calls all the shots in bed tonight. Tomorrow night it is your turn.
  102. Make goodbye kisses part of your ritual. It is the perfect way to remember your partner all day.
  103. Pretend you’re John and Yoko and spend the day in bed. Have finger foods and champagne within reach!
  104. Make sure the door is locked when he comes home. When he rings the doorbell, answer the door in only a robe.
  105. Tonight, no hands allowed. Explore a new way of having sex with just your tongue, lips, nose, eye lashes…
  106. Sneak up behind your man and wrap your arms around him. Once he’s excited, explore his body and bring him to climax.
  107. Send your man to the market for some food items for the bedroom. Then call and tell him what you’re going to do with them.
  108. Do a little dirty dancing in your living room. Put on some pulsating music and gyrate to your heart’s content.
  109. The next time you are on top, try mixing it up by moving your hips in a figure eight.
  110. Make it last! Unless you are grabbing a quickie, make sure your lovemaking lasts longer than 30 minutes. Ramp up the foreplay and connect mentally and physically. Sex is best when you and your partner are connecting, not just going for the goal.
  111. Pop your favorite lotion in the fridge and then spread it all over each other. Take a really long time to rub it in.
  112. Pop a mint in your mouth before you go down on him. The cool sensation on his penis will really drive him crazy.
  113. Ask him to hum or sing or talk while he is going down on you. Feeling vibration while he’s pleasuring you will do the trick.
  114. Have a long, steamy, touch-free make-out session with your sweetie. It will get you both riled up!
  115. Try outercourse. Instead of having him penetrate you, bring yourselves to orgasm by rubbing your bodies together.
  116. Play with his penis. As long as you don’t bend it or scratch it, the pressure and rough handling feels good to him.
  117. Let him watch while you pleasure yourself. You’ll feel liberated, and he’ll feel, well, overwhelmed in the best way.
  118. Spend at least one minute kissing and caressing each of his favorite spots. He’ll demand to pleasure your spots as well.
  119. Surprise your man by sporting a costume. Maybe you feel like being a cop and arresting him for his naughty behavior!
  120. Surprise your man with a design “down there”. Get ideas at shavehaven.com. Even better, ask him to participate in the grooming!
  121. If your guy is interested in shedding some fur around his penis and in turn making it appear larger, give him a shave with a Bodygroom by Norelco. You’ll enjoy being his barber.
  122. Feel the rhythm with the OhMiBod. Plug this vibrator into your iPod and it will vibrate to the beat of the music.
  123. Turn off the lights and jump in the shower. Lather up and get slippery. Instead of drying off just jump between the sheets.
  124. Leave a note on your husband’s pillow detailing why you chose him.
  125. Heat things up with some warming lube! There are plenty of kinds but you can find KY Warming liquid in almost any drugstore!
  126. Make love to him in a chair. It is a great way to keep eye contact and you can leverage your weight to your delight.
  127. Men love blow jobs. Find out how he likes it and indulge him often.
  128. Heat things up with some warming lube! There are plenty of kinds but you can find KY Warming liquid in almost any drugstore!
  129. Use your fingernails all over his body. As long as you aren’t drawing blood, the pressure and sensation is fantastic.
  130. Find the best time to make love. Sometimes the feeling strikes first thing in the morning. There’s not many better ways to start the day!
  131. On your bed, spread out the lingerie you plan to wow him with later in the night.
  132. From time to time, leave a sexy note on his pillow.
  133. Are you ready for a big challenge? Try to become a member of the mile-high club. It is up to you how you accomplish this feat.
  134. Ask your hottie out for a date. Use your flirting skills, then pick up the bill and try to get in his pants.
  135. Have a spontaneous tickle fight. Make a mental list of his weak spots and be relentless.
  136. Do you know his top five favorite movies? Does he know yours? Have both your faves on hand for a stay-at-home date.
  137. Treat yourself like a queen, whether it’s keeping your skin soft with top-shelf lotion or getting a regular massage. Your partner will follow in your footsteps.
  138. It’s naked day! Today, do everything totally naked — from laundry to home improvement to hide-and-seek.
  139. Try a condom sampler pack. Safe sex is imperative, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Have fun test-driving every kind you can find.
  140. TGIF! Relax in the tub with the lights off. Light some candles and use this bubble bath to add to the ambience.
  141. Give your guy a gift you will that will benefit you both…in bed. Wrap up a pocket rocket and then give it a whirl together.
  142. Give your guy a lap dance. If you need some tips, consult The Little Bit Naughty Book of Lap Dancing for Your Lover by Rebecca Drury.
  143. Head to a lingerie shop for three great-quality bra and panty sets. A good bra will do wonders for your look and your self-image.
  144. Buy a couple of Super Soaker water guns. Spend a few hours hunting each other down. Wear something that turns revealing when it gets wet.
  145. Check out some live music on your next date, then have fun talking about your favorite part of the evening on the way home.
  146. Connect mentally with some great conversation, since our sexuality lies largely in our brains. Use Gregory Stock’s Book of Questions to get started.
  147. Breathing is an important part of receiving pleasure. Be sure to inhale and exhale deeply when being intimate with your partner.
  148. Head to a museum. Hold hands and whisper your thoughts to each other. The feeling of closeness will put you in the mood.
  149. Increase your sense of touch by wearing a soft pair of gloves or mittens during foreplay. Cashmere or soft cotton is a great choice.
  150. Give yourself a temporary tattoo in a hidden location. Challenge your partner to find it.
  151. Take charge tonight. Try How to Be a Dominant Diva. There are more than 300 pages of pictures and tips.
  152. Blindfold each other. Since you won’t be able to see your partner’s every move, you’ll have to ask directly for what you want.
  153. Jump in the shower and invite some aquatic life. This octopus from has eight vibrating tentacles to massage all of you and your man.
  154. Invite some friends over for a barbecue and let the guys man the grill. There’s something really sexy about watching your guy take charge over an open flame.
  155. Taking a road trip together? Forget a typical audio-recorded book. Slip in Kiss Your Ear, nine erotic short stories.
  156. When you are at a serious event in public, whisper a naughty little nothing in his ear.
  157. Pick a day and a volunteer project to do together. It is very sexy to see each other giving time and energy to those who really need your help.
  158. Expand your sexual repertoire. Try a new position, in a new room, at a new time.
  159. Wear nothing (or very little!) to bed frequently. Spooning in the buff is very sexy.
  160. Play the “pleasure points” game. Take turns naming the top 10 pleasure points on your partner’s body. Don’t forget to touch and kiss every one of them.
  161. What’s play without toys? Make a date out of browsing the adult toy store near you. If you’re too shy, check out your options online.
  162. If your sweetie is on a long business trip, overnight a pair of your panties to his room. Mark the envelope “private.”
  163. Make a habit of going to bed together. Cuddling up and drifting off to sleep at the same time is a nice way to put the day behind you.
  164. Save for a weekend getaway. For 90 days, save $5 apiece and you’ll have almost $1,000.
  165. Order his favorite meal tonight. Forgo your concerns about cholesterol for one evening and take a break from cooking.
  166. Create anticipation with your kiss. Press your body to his and you’ll leave him wanting much more!
  167. When it’s hot outside, make an ice cream date. Find out what flavor your partner is.
  168. On his way out the door, plant a sensuous kiss on him and tell him you can’t wait to make him yours later.
  169. Perfect your sexy walk. Look straight ahead with a slight smile. Put one foot directly in front of the other, keeping shoulders back.
  170. Learn to accept his compliments, even if you are embarrassed by his attention or feel the urge to shake it off.
  171. Spend a day at the spa together! Take a massage course for couples and think of all the free massages you will get while your partner is practicing!
  172. Become a student of lovemaking and create a library! Start the required reading with Jay Wiseman’s Tricks to Please a Man. Now hit the books!
  173. Try a new recipe in the kitchen. If it’s a flop, who cares? Salvage the good stuff or order in.
  174. Remember the mix tape — the ultimate gift from your boyfriend in high school? Create a playlist from you to him for his iPod.
  175. Do you have a favorite song? If you don’t, you must pick one. Play it over and over while you slow dance in the living room.
  176. Feeling up for a challenge? Go skydiving! The adrenaline rush is the best thing you’ll ever feel together… almost.
  177. Snag two good seats at a baseball game. Cheer for the home team together, and then hit your own home run later that day!
  178. Allow your man to be the hero sometimes, even if you don’t need protecting. Enjoy having someone watch over you. He’s doing that because he loves you.
  179. On a romantic dinner date with your husband, spice up the meal with a lot of sex talk. You’ll feel nice and naughty talking about private thoughts in public.
  180. Looking for some fun? Go ahead, roll the dice. You’ll want to spend all night shaking ’em up and rolling ’em again.
  181. Tonight, use your sheets to make a tent in the living room. Snuggle up with your man and pretend you’re in your favorite getaway spot.
  182. Find a nice box with a lock to serve as your treasure chest for your sex toys. Have fun filling it up with your favorite accessories.
  183. Give your honey a hand massage. Before you know it, his hands will be all over your body.
  184. Take turns making the bed in the morning. There’s nothing better than having that nagging morning chore taken care of for you.
  185. Get ready for summer by kidnapping your man for the day and crashing the pool at a fancy hotel. Just casually claim a couple of chairs on the deck!
  186. Get cheeky! Experience the thrill of spanking . Find out how you like it or if you don’t like it. You’ll never know till you give a whack at it.
  187. Do you have a plan for emergency contraception? Plan your next step. You’ll save yourself from an unwanted pregnancy and a lot of emotional anxiety.
  188. Take a walk in the rain with your man. After you are both soaked, find a tree for shelter and make out like a couple of teenagers.
  189. Celebrate the last weeks of spring by spreading your sexual wings with the Butterfly. This remote vibrator is a lot of fun.
  190. You don’t want to hear about his ex, and he doesn’t ever want to hear about yours. In the name of great sex, don’t talk about either.
  191. Happy Memorial Day! Celebrate the day off from work by staying in bed until 10 a.m. Have breakfast in bed and then… well, the rest is up to you!
  192. Deprive yourself of sex for four days but indulge with some “heavy petting.” Waiting will never feel so good.
  193. Spend time with other couples. It allows you to laugh about dealing with some of the same issues and will help things seem awfully normal.
  194. Relax this Memorial Day weekend! Even if you’re staying home, make sure to enjoy the gorgeous weather with your man.
  195. Do what feels right. If your partner suggests something that you aren’t comfortable with, or aren’t ready for, tell him.
  196. Increase intensity during sex by looking into your partner’s eyes, feeling his touch, and concentrating on how his body feels.
  197. Lick, nibble, pinch, and squeeze his nipples. Many men find them a wonderfully sensitive sexual spot.
  198. Compliment your man to your friends, but keep the intimate details of your relationship private.
  199. Scrap the to-do list and take a leisurely Sunday stroll with your sweetie. Hold hands and share an ice cream cone.
  200. Tell your man you’d like him to play hard-to-get tonight. Then pursue him relentlessly.
  201. Pick one night of the week that you and you partner are committed to having sex and don’t waiver.
  202. Invite his friends over and then disappear. He will love that you support his interests and respect his friendships.
  203. Check your sarcasm level. He might interpret your comments as criticism or anger.
  204. Videotape yourselves having sex. Then watch it a few times and delete it together.
  205. Write down 20 things you like best (TV shows to sex positions). Have him do the same. Switch lists and read them aloud.
  206. Having a crisis of confidence? Repeat an affirmation like, “I am sexy, confident, and dynamite in bed.” It works.
  207. Head to an adult video store together and ask for recommendations for a film geared toward couples.
  208. Shower your guy with affection. He will love it and is sure to return the sentiment.
  209. Never fake an orgasm. You deserve to climax, and your partner deserves to know how to take you there!
  210. Write fun fantasies and areas of your home on two sets of cards. Drop each set into a hat. Draw from both and go for it!
  211. Keep pictures of your parents and friends out of the bedroom. You don’t want Mom staring at you while you’re getting it on.
  212. Perfect your hand-job method. Learn how your man likes it and surprise him at an unexpected time.
  213. Give each other pedicures. Start with the footbath and end with lotion and massage.
  214. Before giving him a blow job, suck on an ice cube or a wintergreen mint. The tingling sensation will make him feel so good.
  215. Cover his body with soft nibbles and kisses. Pay special attention to his inner thighs — you’ll drive him wild!
  216. Every couple needs a feather tickler. Enhance the sensation by blindfolding your man.
  217. Tonight is a full moon. Make sure to take advantage of the extra lunar light and take a moonlit walk.
  218. Make sure he’s watching as you slowly apply lip gloss. Catch his eye and wink when you are done.
  219. While you are out, gently play with the stem of your wine glass or your hair — both signs that you’re attracted to your companion.
  220. Book a couples massage. Show how good you feel by gently biting your lower lip and giving him a sly smile.
  221. After a long day of work, massage his hands and wrists using plenty of lotion. The hands are full of nerve endings and are erogenous zones.
  222. Keep the tough topics out of bed, even if you’re having a busy week. Keep talk loving and conflict-free.
  223. Discover your G-spot with the help of G-spot Center . The two of you will have fun with this educational exercise.
  224. Make your relationship a priority by giving your love life the attention it deserves! Practice regularly.
  225. Take advantage of the warm weather by packing a picnic for two and heading outdoors.
  226. Bond by training together. Team In Training hooks you up with a program for everything from marathons to bike rides.
  227. Laughter is an aphrodisiac. Head out for a night of stand-up comedy at a club or find an open-mic night.
  228. Shower sex seems hot but it is never as easy as it looks. Try a silicone lubricant that will keep things nice and slippery.
  229. Shake up your normal routine. Tell him a standard move is off-limits and discover a new one.
  230. Spray a little of your perfume on his pillowcase. He’ll think about you, even if you aren’t around.
  231. Find some sexy, comfortable gear to lounge in. Try a cute pair of panties and his oversize dress shirt.
  232. Book a lunch date with your honey and meet him at home for a lunchtime romp in the sack.

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21 Ways to Say “I Love You” (Without Saying a Word)

You already know it’s important for you and your guy to tell each other “I love you” — as often as possible. But you shouldn’t depend on those three little words to let your one-and-only know what’s in your heart. In fact, nonverbal displays of affection are often a better way to get through to the man in your life. “Guys tend to be action-oriented, so they feel less comfortable using words to express emotions,” says REDBOOK Love Network expert and psychiatrist Scott Haltzman, M.D., author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men. “They’ve seen enough Tom Hanks movies to know they’re supposed to always say ‘I love you,’ but they’re not sure that words alone convey how they feel.”

Ready to let what you do speak louder than what you say? We asked REDBOOK readers and the men in their lives to share some sweet ideas. Plus, we added in some expert tips on how to give your love a boost without uttering a word.

“Sometimes I ‘write’ a love message on my husband’s breakfast toast. Using cookie cutters, especially my Valentine’s Day set of hearts, I press one lightly into a slice of bread, just hard enough to imprint it, then I toast it. It never fails to bring a smile to his face.” —Anita Crehan, Mason, NH


“Every now and then I leave a card saying how much I love and appreciate him under his pillow for him to find before he goes to sleep.” —Cim Collins, Springfield, IL

“My wife, Leigh Anne, sometimes has to travel for work, and when she gets home, I give her a small gift for every day she has been gone. I’ll set them on the kitchen table and wait for her to notice them — things like her favorite perfume, fresh flowers, or a cool piece of handmade jewelry. I love to spoil her!” —John Montgomery, Birmingham, AL

“I place special little love notes, cartoons, jokes, or small articles — sometimes racy ones — in her underwear drawer. She never knows what to expect next. She gets a big kick out of them and knows it is my way of saying I love her.” —Joe Cirillo Jr., Englewood, FL

“When I take a shower at night, I write messages on the fogged-up mirrors so they appear when he takes a shower in the morning before he goes to work.” —Jackie Peirce, Oley, PA


“My husband puts toothpaste on my toothbrush and leaves it lying on the sink for me every night before bed. He is the sweetest husband ever!” —Lisa Wilkes-North, Heath, TX

“I scour the TV listings for his favorite movies or a sporting event that I know he’d love to watch. I TiVo it without telling him, then surprise him with it on Saturday morning. Bonus: While he’s on the couch, I’ve just bought myself some me-time. Manicure, pedicure, here I come!” —Cindy Panowicz, Grand Island, NE

“Before my husband leaves for work, he sets the table for my breakfast. He lays out a bowl for cereal, a cup for orange juice, strawberries, a napkin, and a spoon. For a big, manly union guy, this is a really major step!” —Patricia Armstrong, Danvers, MA

“I love that my husband gets up every morning when I do. His job doesn’t start till 9, so he could easily sleep later than me, but he doesn’t. While I get ready, he gets our three kids dressed and loads them into the van with their backpacks. To me, this is one of the best ways he can say he loves us all.” —Jeanette Dominguez, El Paso, TX


“We brag about each other when we’re out with our friends — even if it’s about something little, like, ‘Oh, Barry had the best idea the other day’ or ‘Barry fixed the whatsit that’s been leaking!'” —Jennifer Starr, Columbus, OH

“For Christmas, I bought a dictionary and went through it, highlighting all the definitions that describe him or remind me of him.” —Jaynee Germond, Roseburg, OR

“Every morning before I get up, he leaves two folded towels in the bathroom for me for when I take a shower — one big towel for my body and a smaller towel for my head.” —Amy Rossi-Espagnet, Atlanta

“The number one complaint I hear from guys is they feel like they don’t get rewarded for the things they do, only told what they didn’t do. Next time your man takes out the trash without being asked or starts the coffee pot for you in the morning, reward him with a 30-second full-body hug. Guys are so physical — it’s easy and teasy.” —Toni Coleman


“I changed the banner on his cell phone to read ‘I Love You’ when he wasn’t looking!” —Becky White, Newton, AL

“My husband and I send each other short e-mails to say what we are thinking about at that very moment. Once, he wrote me, ‘The new Brad Paisley song makes me think of you.’ Now every time I hear it on the radio, I’m reminded how much my husband loves me.” —Michelle Magnetti, Colorado Springs, CO
“My husband gets up at 5:30 a.m., but he pulls his dresser drawers open the night before so the noise of them opening and closing won’t disturb me. Now, that’s love!” —Connie Maynord, Bastrop, TX


“Here’s a suggestive sign he can’t miss: Leave a trail of Post-it notes in the hallway with arrows on them leading all the way to the bedroom.” —Joyce Morley-Ball, Atlanta psychotherapist and author of Seeds for the Harvest of a Lifetime.

“Every time we kiss, we do it three times, which stands for ‘I love you.’ When my husband pulls out of the driveway in the morning, I stand at the door while he sets off the emergency light on his truck, also three times for ‘I love you.'” —Peggy Clayton, Dubuque, IA

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