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– It is not possible to remember all the subjects that we,ve learnt but he insisted that be strong in basics and 1 or 2 subjects of our interest.
– While entering the interview panel wish all of them like “Good morning everybody”.
– Wear a neat dress,tie,polished shoes and have a pleasant smell(use sents)
– IEEE has suggested some 10 points(like how a professional should be)..and he told that the 10th point is very important to suceed(refer the website)
– Be honest on whatever you are speaking because the interviewers can easily judge on the way you speak
– Whatever details u give in u r resume be ready to face any sort of questions from that
– Read English Newspapers for 45 minutes
– Talk in English as much as possible
– If u have any failures for example arrears in early semesters tell the interviewer “the reason for arrear..and what the failure taught u and how u developed urself because of that failure”
– If u play for example football and if the interviewer is asking about that tell like “u learnt team working from playing that game.If I had lesser chances of putting a goal,then I would pass the ball to my friend who had more chances of putting the goal..So,I learnt Yeam working..(like that)
– Having a good ideas about the current events is very useful

– Before attending an interview do a good research of that company and during the interview “relate the goals of that company with u r skill set and tell them how u can be a useful asset to the company”
– The requirement of people in IT is very huge that all of us can get a job.The only reason is they need the right people and we’ve to do a good preparation for that..
– He insisted that “We dont need geniuses.All the  people sitting here are intelligent.We need the people who suits us and who meets the above said requirements which is possible for everyone to do”

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