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Teenage Pregnancy & Young Parents

Few days ago 17 year old girl from Lalitpur gave birth to a baby girl. Alisha (name changed) was a student of a reknowned 10+2 college in Kathmandu. She had been given sex education during her schooldays. She had been cautioned by her parents and the society about the cultural norms and values. But when her parents discovered that she was more than 18 weeks pregnant, it was too late to do anything.

Her family sold their house in Maharajgunj and moved to Satdobato where she gave birth to her girl child. Despite having knowledge about all the difficulties after becoming an unmarried parent- that too in her teens, she couldnt save herself or lets say couldnt refrain herself from early sex and early motherhood.

Nowdays she stays inside her room while her parents look after the newborn- all of them are equal unhappy about the circumtances which they should face in the future.

This is a recent example of the most common but ignored and untalked problem of the new generation of Nepal. There were several similar incidents in the past and in the future, the data is going to be more disturbing- thats for sure…

Is there any virgin belonging to generation Y? Well the time to ask this hasnt arrived yet but if it goes like this, such question is not far away even in Nepal. Looking to the suspect and victim of incidents of premarital sex , teen pregnancy and abortion, nobody is in the position to boast about his/her sexual life. Sex is a part of life. It is gift of God given to his people, but when they get out of control, the result of this is destruction. Sex should be done on the right time.

Premarital sex is the root of increasing number of single parents. That happens when babies are born to unwed parents. As of now, the most common fallacies is “good sex makes a good marriage so some partners justify living in or have premarital relationship to determine their sexual compatibility. But as we understand deeper they are only looking for someone who can satisfy their desire. But the truth is good marriage makes a good sex. Sexual intimacy becomes a grease to helps the wheels around to prevent dryness and squeaking. This intimacy increases joy of loving Non marital sex promises satisfaction and fulfillment before the act but individual regularly end up feeling guilty, empty, lonely, and insecure.

In a survey conducted by spotnepal.com among married couples 80% said that they would not have had premarital sex because of the many problems it causes after the marriage. Families have broken up and personal relationship have been destroyed because of non marital sexual actions.

Children having single parent encounters many difficulties. In a research it found that most victim of child molestation come from a single parent. They also believe that unstable or broken home can cause more damage to a child than the lack of additional parent. In order to make children grow into mature, responsible and upright person of the society he/she must have a stable family.

But what family really is? It is considered a family with a mother, father and children or surviving grandparent. But as Family code changes, today, children without parents may under the supervision of grandparent, oldest brother or sister, over twenty one years of age the actual custodian, a considerable family that built upon the combination of parental love and unified force of the spouses.

Many teenager girls becomes pregnant and afterward become a single parent. Meanwhile the government in Nepal dont have any program that supports single parents.

They should put up school dropout prevention program as in many developed european and Asian countries. The program should make a target to prevent the drop out of teenagers from their educational background.

The government should form a unit that establishes education sites for single parents and encourage them to join back their school. They should be given effective counselling and often job oppertunities that may help them to make a prestigious living in the society.

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